Build a Twitter Following for Your Ministry

By steveApril 29, 2016

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Twitter has been around for many years now, but so many of us do not see the value of it, understand how it works, or even know where to start!

Over the past few years I have managed to build a following of over 10,000 people and have made some great contacts that help ‘spread the word’ of my brand and life values.

For me this is simple: The Truth of The Bible and the Christian message.

(Check out my Twitter @jeffmurton)

Multiple businesses and Ministries alike use Twitter as a key part of their marketing or outreach. Maybe it is time you jumped on board?

Where to start?

Here are some Twitter 101 basics to insert yourself into the global conversation, make yourself more known ‘out there’, and start to establish a following on Twitter.

1.  Sign up on twitter.comand take time to fully complete your Twitter profile.

  • It looks pretty lame if your Twitter account has no details and no photo!
  • That equals no followers!
  • Use a good photo of yourself or your business brand.
  • Use key words in your Bio that a search engine (Google, Yahoo) will find.
  • Use main descriptors for your brand/message/ministry.

2.  Craft some catchy tweets.

  1. Look at others tweets and get some ideas of how to communicate what you want to say.
  2. Craft up to 10 tweets initially and insert links to your webpage/Facebook page/Youtube.
  3. Send out your first tweets! You are on your way!
  4. Give an hour/ hour and a half between tweets to give maximum reach potential.

3.  Start following people in the niche you are wanting to connect with.

Mange Flitter is great for building your twitter following


The key to Twitter is following people and being followed.  You are engaging and connecting, not just advertising! Blasting all your stuff out there will not generate followers.Where do you find people to follow and connect with in your niche?A Good tool is Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Sign up for the freebie account by logging in with your twitter account.
  2. Use the top ‘search’ tab and click ‘account search.’
  3. In ‘search bios’ etc. box click ‘refine.’
  4. In ‘Bio’ type your niche, which could be ‘Christian’, ‘Church’ ‘Jesus’ etc.
  5. In ‘Limit result to’ check box ‘Only active accounts’
  6. You can specify the followers range underneath. I suggest you start with those who have a minimum of 1000
  7. followers, as these will be genuine and active.
  8. Click ‘Find People’ and then follow up to 50 per day. Good start!

4.  Once you have people follow you back, start retweeting some of their tweets.

Retweets are a quick way of connecting with others and getting known as a connector. Much more can be said about using retweets (it is an art) but become familiar first.

5.  Connect your Twitter account to a social networking platform. 

Hootsuite allows you to automate twitter

A good freebie social network platform is  Connect up your twitter account and you can schedule tweets, retweet, and see your  twitter action easily from one screen. Different streams can be viewed at the same time (e.g. Home, tweets, retweets, mentions.)

6.  Start a Daily routine for managing your Twitter presence.

There are no quick fixes to building relationships. Set yourself a daily routine to craft tweets, follow people, retweet, and thank people for  following you. It takes time but you have to treat it seriously to build up a following, and take daily care of your new found twitter friends.


These are 6 basics to get you going, but there is much more to sharpening your networks  and really utilizing the power of twitter to enhance your ministry or business.

More in Part 2, How to Build a Twitter Following.

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Jeff graduated Regents Theological College/Manchester University with a BA Honors Degree in Theology and Christian Min- istry in 1997, and completed an Advanced Diploma in New Testament Church Leadership from Christ For The Nations in 2015.  He has been in full-time vocational ministry 20 years, and has a twitter following of over 10,000 people


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